Best Choice Products New Large Play Top Bird Cage Parrot Finch Macaw Cockatoo Birdcages

Brand:Best Choice Products
Dimensions:24 x 37.5 x 22 inches
Shipping Weight:54 pounds
Some info:Do you want to buy the highest quality, safe bird cage for your loving pet? This amazing home...
Good as:cockatiel cage - Parrot Cage - Cockatoo Cage - Macaw Cage - Parakeet Cage - and more.
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Do you want to buy the highest quality, safe bird cage for your loving pet?

This amazing home for your birdie is just what you are looking for! It includes a jaw-dropping pyramid top play area with a ladder, a strong perch and 2 stainless steel bowls.

Inside the cage you will find a second perch and 3 extra 100% non-toxic stainless steel bowls to keep it satisfied all day long!


Beautifully designed with a large front door and a powerful snapping door lock that will keep the bird’s safety guaranteed as long as you use it!


This awesome cage is also very easy to clean due to the 2 removable sliding metal trays on the top and bottom.


Get the highest quality products at the best price possible, avoiding any middlemen because we only purchase directly from the manufacturer.

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Meet Our New BLACK PAYRAMID PLAYTOP PARROT BIRD CAGE, The Cage That Will Make Your Birdie Feel Free!
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